WOW! You're here!

Believe it or not, with all of the Websites online, the chances of you landing here are astronomical. Whether it was that break in your life you've been frustratingly waiting for or your own doing (I believe it was your own doing) the trajectory of your life is about to make a turn to incredible potential!

Author Utopia (TM) is a sister company under the Writer Serviceas, LLC (https://WriterServices.net ) umbrella. Our Founder and CEO Robert Nahas has been empowering aspiring authors and entrepreneurs, for over 2 decades, to become noticed in the vast sea of people trying to make their mark in the world.

We do this through developing impactful books well-written, the development of other related information products and creating a presence of power and professionalsim for the world to become very familiar with.

AuthorUtopia.com exists to empower its members with the information they have always needed to succeed with their ventures and, in some cases, even in life. We're not in the business of anything but business. But success overrlaps into other areas of life. That's right, it's personal!

If you're achieving your most important goals, then you are going to be happier. It really is that simple. Of course, you need to also understand how and what and why you're doing what you're attempting to make happen. And there are lots and lots of pitfalls no one seems to talk about that, if you aren't aware of them, they have a way of moving right in front of you by default.

Interesting, isn't it? If you don't have the knowledge to create your own roadmap to exactly where you want to go, you simply ewill not have enough time in your life to arrive to plant your flag in victory.

This may seem of topic from the name of this membership site, but the fact is, if you do not have a book that sets the stage for your long-term plan, everything will be a serious struggle for you.

So, whether you want to write your own book or have a professional write it for you, you need to know as much as your writer. In other words, an airplane designer may not know how to fly a plane, but s/he had beter know all about lift, wind sheer and what a throttle is and how it works.

The same goes for you as the author of your books. So, whether you want to fly or be the co-pilot of your book, YOU need to be in charge and know where you're going and how to get there.

Make sense?

AuthorUtopia.com is here to teach, guide, help, empower, forewarn, inspire, motivate... you to end up wioth a book that will change your life and the lives of many who read it.

You won't find long, drawn out courses with countless modules but rather "mini-courses" so to speak. Our strategy is to support you with our valuable, often little-known information that is designed the way you need and want it: short, to the point and effective in allowing you to quickly get the information you need and then get back to your venture, quickly!