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Video Marketing: How to Create Effective Videos—Part 2

Giving your video a title should be a lot easier now that you have a better understanding of what your video is going to be about. But first, here are some well-researched and proven "power words" you can consider using in your title as well as within your video itself.

a month ago   •   4 min read
Video Marketing

Google Business Profile Features

Imagine having Google’s users leaving reviews, commenting..., with your business for FREE! Google Business Profile is an incredibly beneficial tool for authors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses of all types and sizes.

4 months ago   •   11 min read

Three Main Types of Websites

When it comes to websites, you have to ask yourself which type would give you the greatest ROI within the shortest amount of time. In almost every case, this kind of website is the answer.

6 months ago   •   7 min read
Website Marketing Strategy

The Power of Marketing Your Book to Book Clubs

It is totally up to you to market your book and create book sales. However, there are a lot of strategies that can help boost book sales and increase visibility. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by promoting to book clubs and reader groups (we’ll refer to them all as “book clubs”.

7 months ago   •   3 min read
Book Marketing

How to Use Videos to Engage Readers as an Author

This is probably the most important thing I can ever get across to you. It is a powerful statement that can make you extremely successful. Simply put, if people don't hear of you or hear from you regularly, they will forget about you and what you're about.

3 years ago   •   16 min read
Author Marketing