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The Key Initial Steps to Ensuring You Get Your Book Written

The most important thing to do BEFORE you start to write your book is remove the roadblocks that can sabotage your creativity. This means creating an environment that is conducive to book writing. This document reveals the "secrets" to getting books completed most people aren’t aware of.

3 years ago   •   15 min read

6 Top Tips to Setting the Scene for Your Story

Scene setting is so important because this allows readers to get a sense of where and when the events in your story are taking place. This anchors the action and dialogue of your story, allowing your readers to picture your setting clearly and be more immersed.

4 years ago   •   8 min read
Book Writing

How You Know When Your Writer Has Done a Good Job

As it is your book and reputation on the line, if you don’t like what you’ve read in your book's final manuscript or aren't sure whether your writer has accomplished what you are looking for in your book, you should need to know what to do.

4 years ago   •   4 min read
Book Writing

How to Write a Children's Book Manuscript

As a writer, you've probably dreamed of creating your own children's book and have kids all around the globe have their parents read it to them. But how do you create a book that will catch the attention of a child? This Quick-Start Guide shows you how to write a children's book manuscript.

4 years ago   •   14 min read
Book Writing

A Guide to The 5 Types of Narrative

When writing fiction, there are two elements that are key to making a great story. We're talking about narration and narrative. We have five types of narratives prepared for you in this article.

4 years ago   •   10 min read
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