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The Key Initial Steps to Ensuring You Get Your Book Written

The most important thing to do BEFORE you start to write your book is remove the roadblocks that can sabotage your creativity. This means creating an environment that is conducive to book writing. This document reveals the "secrets" to getting books completed most people aren’t aware of.

3 years ago   •   15 min read

Identify Your Audience

The most powerful way to address an audience is by letting them know that you get them. You're one of them. You think like them and know how they feel.

4 years ago   •   9 min read
Book Marketing

5 Sales Techniques To Sell More Books

There is A LOT to the world of sales. There's actually a technology for it. There has to be or else nothing would get sold and almost no one would experience betterment in their lives.

4 years ago   •   7 min read

How You Know When Your Writer Has Done a Good Job

As it is your book and reputation on the line, if you don’t like what you’ve read in your book's final manuscript or aren't sure whether your writer has accomplished what you are looking for in your book, you should need to know what to do.

4 years ago   •   4 min read
Book Writing

How to Stay Clear of The Status Quo of Failure With Your Book

Another fact about the majority of authors failing is that when you actually do the right actions, there is a lot of room for your success, and at a much higher level. The potential for achieving your greatest goals is much greater, due to their lack of savvy to actually learn what really works.

4 years ago   •   5 min read

How to Tip The Scales of Success in Your Favor

This debunks the riddle why some people succeed when others fail. I used to be frustrated seeing another become successful. I’d yell, “Why can’t I just get a break too?” But it was never about getting a break. That implied luck had something to do with it, which said things are beyond our control.

4 years ago   •   6 min read